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How we help you get started

The implementation process for MyMobileWorkers software is 8 weeks from when you have signed the contract. During this time, our team will have weekly check-ups with you to discuss how things are going, while also giving you the opportunity to make any changes.

  • Initial kick off call

    Once the contract has been signed we will have an initial kick off call to determine your needs.

  • Week 1 - Initial draft built

    Using your current job sheets and input, workflows will be created and given to you for testing.

  • Week 2 - User champion testing

    Choose a member to become “user-champion” and to test the workflow on actual jobs.

  • Weeks 3 to 5 - Test alongside previous solution

    Introduce the rest of the team to the system, whilst retaining a paper comfort blanket (if you choose to).

  • Week 6 - Project close and handover

    At this point you’ll be ready to go live. A full handover is made with your dedicated account manager.

  • Weeks 7 to 8 - Stabilisation period

    Within these 2 weeks, we will work together on any last changes to ensure the system works perfectly.

  • Week 9 - Post go-live check in

    A month after going live, your account manager will call to ensure everything is well and that you are happy with the software.