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How businesses have boosted productivity with MyMobileWorkers

How businesses have boosted productivity with MyMobileWorkers 

More and more mobile businesses are now starting to adopt digital methods of operating. Why? It’s because it is a tried and tested way of improving business processes and boosting mobile workforce productivity.

But it’s one thing saying it and another thing having proof. Here are three customers that have boosted their mobile workforce productivity with MyMobileWorkers:

  • Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd
  • LWC Drinks Ltd
  • MC Contracts Ltd

Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd
Industry: Plant hire & traffic management

Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd

For nearly 50 years, Mervyn Lambert Plant have been one of the biggest names in the Highways industry. To remain at the top they needed to strive for greater productivity and chose MyMobileWorkers to achieve this.

Prior to using MyMobileWorkers, a job for a single client would generate a pack of paperwork between 10 - 20 pages long, totalling around 15,000 pieces of paper a month. Creating and printing all of these documents would be a timely and costly process. It would take operatives several days before they returned to the office with paperwork, resulting in any quality issues going unnoticed for a matter of days.

Now with a digital system, administration time has significantly reduced due to the complete removal of paperwork. As workers no longer need to make trips to and from the office more jobs can be picked up and as a result of having all the information instantly, invoicing time has improved by 5 days.

There is also a reduction of 95% in the time to discover defects, making Mervyn Lambert Plant a more responsive and reactive company. Any issues reported on site are automatically flagged within the MyMobileWorkers web portal allowing the team to review instantly and solve much quicker.

LWC Drinks Ltd
Industry: Delivery

The UK's largest independent drinks wholesaler, LWC, needed a system to improve productivity and manage over 8000 daily deliveries. Prior to MyMobileWorkers, it was difficult to ensure that all deliveries were accounted for due to the manual means of operation. Constant phone calls and a mass of jobs sheets led to confusion and slow administration.

Since rolling out to all 14 depots, LWC have reduced administration tasks significantly as they are now able to gather and retrieve all delivery information on one system.

Office staff can simply login to the system and receive instant job updates from drivers, providing more accurate ETA’s and removing the dependence to keep calling drivers for updates. With this accurate job data, workers don’t feel as micromanaged and can better utilise their time making it possible to pick up more jobs.


MC Contracts
Industry: Construction

Professional buildings company, MC Contracts, have managed to save 45 hours a week by changing to MyMobileWorkers. This is largely down to the fact that the workers no longer have complete mounds of paperwork or travel to head office to pick up and drop the paperwork off: everything is digitised with the instantaneous transfer of data between the worker and office.

By using MyMobileWorkers, office teams could receive completed job sheets as soon as the job was finished, all the necessary information would be present due to workers being asked enforced questions that can’t be skipped. With this productivity increase, office teams no longer have to input data into their system and invoices can be sent out immediately, increasing cash flow.

MyMobileWorkers has allowed MC Contracts to attend jobs and maintenance call outs at a much faster rate. With GPS tracking, jobs can be allocated based on worker location and direct them on the quickest, most fuel efficient route. Workers can get to the call out much quicker and access all the necessary job information on their device, without needing to call the office.



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