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The impact of alerts on customer service

As a nation we are becoming more and more (and more) impatient.

We have higher expectations when needing answers. With the aid of digital tech we can find out exactly what we require at the click of a button and even base decisions on speed of service, with willingness to pay higher premiums.

To capitalise on this growing consumer desire, companies are using consumer anxiety and impatience as a way to boost performance, offering same day delivery, instant taxi arrival times and allowing the live streaming TV shows within seconds.

customer service alerts

Through job management systems, businesses have access to a wealth of information as it harvests better connectivity between the workers, managers and customers. Utilising Alerts within these systems provides customers with instant gratification, leading to a higher level of customer service.

The impact of alerts on customer service:

  1. Improved safety
  2. Improved response times
  3. Real-time updates to workers
  4. Higher level of customer service
  5. Exceeding customer expectations

Improved safety

The term “alert” is to warn or forewarn people of future changes, problems or dangers.

Alerts within job management software allows a business to take a more reactive stance against any future changes, or those that occur suddenly.

A prime example of this is how quickly services such as roadside repair teams respond to jobs, from initial call, to alerting the closest repair team on the road and then alerting the customer of approximate arrival times.

Improved response times

When customers choose a business it is important that they focus on all aspects of the service, but you’re more likely to want a speedy service than wait an eternity for a friendly face to turn up before you can continue with your day, emphasising that certain aspects of a service can have a higher weighting.

Business reputation can be built on response times and it’s not just maintenance and delivery businesses that need a system in place to cope with changes, it could be of use in any industry including, traffic management, field service, construction and more…

Real-time updates to workers

Alert systems provide customers with instant knowledge regarding their product or service but also provide office staff with vital information about the status of a job and if there are any problems that can be resolved efficiently.

It further provides workers with alerts for when a job has been assigned, reassigned or any information is needed for completion. This means workers are well prepared for any job, where they can respond in a timely manner, and offer the best possible service as errors are significantly reduced.

Higher level of customer service

We live in an era of personalisation, where it can increase profitability by 15-20% and 12% of consumers believe a personalised service provides a main form of customer loyalty.

We get excited when our name goes onto a paper cup at our favourite coffee shop, and if they remember our name the next time it’s even more pleasing. So why shouldn’t our alerts be personal too?

The simplest of things can be a major leverage point when striving for a high level of customer service. With alerts, a touch of personalisation by adding the customer's name or a personal message will increase customer satisfaction.

Exceeding customer expectations

As customers are demanding instant updates and access to real time information then it’s a necessity businesses follow the old business maxim ‘the customer is always right’ and have a system to ensure customers can see updates via text message, phone call, email or online customer portals.

Just completing a job isn’t enough anymore, there are many factors that customers take into consideration when making a purchase, like time scales, pricing and quality of service just to mention a few.

It is essential to exceed expectations or meet the needs and growing demands of the modern customer. To remain or strive to reach the forefront of your industry, live Alerts and the ability to provide customer updates are a must-have in any service based organisation.

Following consumer trends and the way instant communication is revolutionising the way we operate, it is needless to say that digital/automated alerts are essential when increasing customer service and satisfaction, resolving our forever growing impatience and heightening our customer experience. 

Alerts in MyMobileWorkers

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