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Improve customer loyalty with workforce management software

Written by MyMobileWorkers


Finding new customers can be tough but keeping hold of them is even tougher. Because, as consumers, we know just how fickle we’re liable to be when it comes to choosing a service.

One bad experience or the promise of something slightly shinier from a competitor and we’re off. And the battle becomes more competitive as customer expectations are constantly rising.

People now expect the same level of service that they’re used to receiving from global operators such as Amazon. The inspiration behind MyMobileWorkers was enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve this.

It’s using digital technology to provide organisations with the tools they need to meet the level of service that today’s consumers expect. Here are just some of the ways that a move to MyMobileWorkers can help keep hold of your customers:

Fast and efficient

The simplest possible way to secure customer loyalty is to provide them, with a fast, efficient and utterly reliable service. It’s the number one benefit of moving over to a mobile workforce management system such as MyMobileWorkers.

By removing the need for paperwork, your organisation benefits from a more streamlined and speedier way of working, with the productivity of your mobile workforce significantly boosted. With data shared digitally, tasks that used to take hours can now be done in seconds.

From a customer point of view, it means a fuss-free, speedy and dependable experience with minimal likelihood of errors or delays. It gives them no reason to look elsewhere.

Customer feedback

One of the past problems with securing customer loyalty was knowing exactly what things your business was doing right and wrong. If there was a problem, the most obvious feedback you would get is that customers just wouldn’t come back.

But with MyMobileWorkers you can integrate customer or client feedback into your employees’ workflow. After an item or service has been delivered, the customer can provide a rating via the smartphone app.

It provides valuable information on how customers feel about your service – highlighting the good and the bad. It also creates a positive customer experience, showing that you care what they think.

CRM check-ups

A great way to get the best out of customers rating data, is to link it to MyMobileWorkers powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. An example of this is to set up tasks for your back office team if and when a customer feedback rating is received that falls below a set standard.

It allows you to contact the customer and find out what the problem was and to look for any ways of resolving the dissatisfaction. It’s amazing how effective this can be in turning a negative customer experience into a resoundingly positive one.

Real-time information

One of the biggest cause of customer grumbles is a basic lack of information. It’s when people feel they’re being kept in the dark that things are liable to become heated.

It’s something that real-time information helps you to avoid happening. With MyMobileWorkers, each of your mobile workers is monitored via a smartphone app; you always know exactly where they are and the status of any task assigned to them.

It gives your support team all the information they need to deal with any customer inquiry. The system also lets you set up online portals where your customers can check for themselves to see the status of any scheduled delivery.

CRM contacts

The CRM features provide lots of different ways to stay in touch with your customers. These make the best use of the database of customers and clients you build up over time.

The power of this feature is its flexibility, you can create anything from yearly reminders to pre-job alerts to reassure customers that your mobile worker is on the way, to post job texts thanking them for using your company.

It gives you the ability to create a great impression with customers – providing a level of service and attention to detail that goes above and beyond what’s expected.

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