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Why paper based management is an outdated medium

Written by MyMobileWorkers

why paper based management is an outdated medium

The movement from paper stems from its limitations within business efficiency and environmental changes.

Moving to digital methods of working enables an organisation to be more effective - to reduce costs, improve delivery standards and boost overall efficiency. It replaces slow manual and paper-based systems with a streamlined digital alternative.

These are many well known examples of why paper is an outdated medium and how a switch to digital can be seen throughout our society.

Why paper based management is an outdated medium:

  1. Yellow Pages
  2. Online banking
  3. The National Health Service
  4. Car tax

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Yellow Pages

How could we forget that giant yellow directory book that could double as a step ladder. The Yellow pages has been in publication since 1966 and is still being distributed today.

But with Yell making the statement that in 2019 it will completely stop the distribution of the directory, UK businesses will need to rely on the internet and online marketing to reach its customers.

Online banking

More people are handling all of their finances via online banking. Tasks that used to take appointments, meetings and waiting in queues, can now be done in a matter of seconds from a PC or smartphone.

By pushing mobile banking and increasing customer usage, banks are not only going to increase engagement with customers, but also reduce high costs and move away from traditional bank infrastructure. As more customers are adopting this new means of banking, banks will no longer have to operate from a large number of branches - over the last two years, more than 1,000 branches in the UK have closed.

The National Health Service

The UK Government is investing more than £10 billion to switch paper-based systems over to digital. One of the major advantages of digital systems is that, unlike a paper chart, they’re able to monitor patient information in real-time.

The NHS have recognised the need for technology, as a better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transform the quality and reduce the cost of health and care services. 

Car tax

Up until 2014, the DVLA had the resource sapping task of processing more than 30 million paper tax discs each year and by switching to a digital process it has made a huge difference to the administration burden on the DVLA, and now allows a motorist to pay online in seconds with reminders sent when it’s time for renewal.

The move to a digital system has now made it more convenient for people to pay their car tax, it is all done at the touch of a button saving a lot of time and increasing efficiency.

Problems with paper

The evidential shift away from paper continues to happen at a quicker rate year on year. Eventually most job processes will occur on a digital platform, emphasising a move to software to complete our daily work operations.

Like the businesses mentioned above, it may be time for you to change to a digital way of working and avoid the problems of a paper based system  

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