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Why are UK bosses ignoring using mobiles for work?

Written by MyMobileWorkers

Should we use mobiles for work? It’s estimated that 92% of adults in the UK now owns at least one handheld device.

We use them for everything: socialising, gaming, exercising, driving...even to record the volume of our snores!

We use them because they make our lives easier; they’re simple and fun to use.

But the one area of our lives where we’re currently least able to experience those benefits - is in work.

Attitudes are rapidly changing but smartphones are still treated with suspicion by many bosses - regarded as more of a potential distractions than an amazing business tool.

Guilt Trip

This attitude was highlighted by a recent study in which 3,500 employees under the age of 35 were quizzed on their use of technology in the workplace.

The findings of the research, carried out by Harris Poll, showed that 61 percent of respondents admitted to feelings of guilt whenever they used a personal device at work.

This is despite 64 percent also saying they regularly used their devices to carry out work related tasks - and often in their own time.

It shows the strange situation which has emerged within many UK businesses.

We have an increasingly mobile savvy generation of workers who want to use mobiles for work purposes and a business culture which is deterring them.

Many company IT policies remain focused on trying to restrict and control the way employees are able to access information while at work.

Strict rules are imposed on smartphone usage, access to social media sites is blocked and office networks are locked down from any unauthorised devices.

With technology becoming such an intrinsic part of our lives, it’s an increasingly unrealistic task to hold back the tide.

Business Boost

And in trying to do so, companies are losing out on the significant practical benefits that mobile work and business apps bring - smarter, safer and more flexible ways of working.

In the case of MyMobileWorkers, it has transformed the way organisations are able to manage and monitor their teams of field workers.

It virtually removes the need for paper-based processes and means that employees no longer need to slog back and forth to an office or depot base.

The increased efficiency puts mobile working companies at a significant advantage when compared to companies who retain more traditional work methods.

But the other major consequence is that companies will find themselves increasingly at odds with the way people are choosing to live and work.

It’s likely to become a particular challenge when it comes to recruiting new employees with the mobile generation looking for jobs which are aligned to their lifestyles.

To use mobiles for work can be a source of competitive advantage, but what devices are best for your business? Here is a blog on how to choose the right mobiles for your workers.

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