How MyMobileWorkers data can improve your business

Written by Hayley Forrester

With multiple products and features, MyMobileWorkers allows you to record a multitude of data , but what does that data really mean and how can it help you run your business? 

Data based on how your employees work, how your customers feel, and where your money is being spent can give you valuable insights into how your business is running. 

There really is no such thing as staying too informed, so by tracking employee and customer data, you can ensure that your business is working to the highest possible standard. 



Here are four MyMobileWorkers features and the ways in which the data they collect can help you improve your business:

  1. Track job length

  2. Internal quality scores

  3. Customer satisfaction ratings

  4. Monitor employee breaks

1. Track job length

MyMobileWorkers provides time stamped, digital records of when a task or job is started and completed. This data is taken from the real-time activities of your workers via the mobile app and can be used by management in numerous ways. 

Accurate invoicing

Time stamped records take the guesswork out of invoicing. Being able to provide exact times a job started and finished means there’s no chance of getting short changed.

Performance tracking

Gauge employee and team performance by tracking job length over time. If it’s taking significantly more or less time than the average job length, you know to look into why. You may highlight issues with poor performance, or find your next employee of the month.

Accurate scheduling

Having accurate data on job length allows for realistic scheduling. When booking jobs you’ll have a fairly accurate idea of how long they will take and what the upcoming week looks like for your workers. 


2. Internal quality scores

With an internal rating that allows you to score the quality of a MyMobileWorkers job based on the information collected and adherence to compliance protocols, managers can get an insight into the standard of work being performed.  

Internal audits

Employee compliance is vital when it comes to avoiding fines and preventing accidents. Quality scores make sure processes are being followed and compliance is being achieved.

This data can be shared with assessors to show ISO 9001 accreditations.

Performance reviews

Keeping track of quality scores means managers can tackle poor performances and reward good work. Having this information can inform worker appraisals and help set goals and targets for employees to work towards.


3. Customer satisfaction ratings

Customers and clients can give on-location satisfaction ratings to let you know exactly what they think about the quality of the work delivered. 

Customer Relationship Management

Feedback, whether good or bad, is invaluable for your business and can be used to manage and nurture customer relationships. Satisfaction ratings allow managers to see what customers really think and turn bad experiences on their heads. 

If a low rating is received, there is an opportunity to investigate and learn what went wrong. On the other hand, high ratings also allow you to hear what your customers loved about your team and the work that they did for them, allowing you to implement those findings in other jobs.


4. Monitor Employee Breaks

Online timesheets accurately track worker activity times, giving you all the data you need regarding employee breaks. 

Keep track of breaks

It’s easy to lose track of breaks when workers are going away in groups at different times. Keep shift plans organised by recording employee breaks. Know who took a break, who is due one and who’s due back to work.

Ensure workers safety

Worker safety should be every employer’s top priority, but it’s particularly important with a mobile workforce. Regular breaks reduce the risk of accidents and help keep your workers safe. With accurate data recorded by online timesheets, you can ensure that your workers are taking the appropriate resting breaks, as required by law. 


There is an endless amount of data to be taken from MyMobileWorkers, all of which can give you detailed insights into your business and services. Having such information about your workforce means you can get the best out of them, so that your customers can get the best out of your business. 

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Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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