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Capital Traffic Management

Specialist traffic management and road audit providers, Capital Traffic, have reduced paper by 80% by switching to MyMobileWorkers.


The background

Capital Traffic have been providing specialist highways services, including traffic management and road safety audits, to clients around the Essex area for the past 14 years. Their staff have extensive experience in all aspects of highways and as a result of this, they have one of the UK’s most experienced road safety audit teams.

The problem

As Capital Traffic grew from a small, family-run firm into the experienced business it is today, they needed a solution that would allow them to scale up their operations.

Their process was a mix of paper job sheets, an online calendar and emailing photographs to the office, which as work grew, became more and more unmanageable.

They weren’t getting the information they needed from jobs, or the right level of detail, and the administration time in getting the information from all of these different sources was mounting. 

The solution

It was when Capital’s clients started demanding real-time information from their contracts when Capital Traffic found MyMobileWorkers: a platform that could not only enforce and capture all the information from site, but could also update clients as it happened.

It was a way of combining everything together in one system and increasing the overall efficiency of Capital’s staff, all whilst removing paperwork and keeping clients happy.



"Now, we can take a more proactive approach in protecting our workforce."

General Manager, Capital Traffic Management

The benefits


Detailed information from site

One of Capital Traffic’s main aims from using MyMobileWorkers was to ensure they were getting all of the required information from their operatives. When they were using paper, it was difficult to prove to clients that all of the work had been carried out correctly.

Since using MyMobileWorkers, Capital has seen an 80% reduction in paperwork, and therefore a huge saving in administrative costs. They can now provide indisputable evidence of the work that has been carried out, which are all backed up with GPS locations and annotated photographs.

This level of information is invaluable when it comes to negating any Section 74 fines, or client complaints.

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Happier clients

Within the traffic management industry, more and more public and private sector clients want to know what’s happening on their contracts, as it happens. This was something that was costing Capital Traffic valuable business, as they would struggle to compete with others who offered the same services.

Since using MyMobileWorkers, Capital Traffic have been able to bid for, and win, bigger contracts than before. Existing clients have also benefited from more accurate reporting of aspects such as SLA reporting, as well as the responsiveness of the team.


Everything in one

Capital Traffic’s previous method of getting information back was a mix of different sources, so collating this information to present to clients became increasingly difficult as the business grew. MyMobileWorkers has enabled Capital Traffic to assign, complete and review jobs, all in one place.

This means that not only is it beneficial to the client, it also means that operatives are more efficient at filling out job information.

One area where MyMobileWorkers particularly helped, was when the UK went into a period of lockdown.

“During lockdown, using MyMobileWorkers was instrumental for us to be able to carry on with business. As the offices were shut for months, we were still able to dispatch jobs and issue job packs with detailed drawings from home.”

General Manager, Capital Traffic


Safer workforce

Being able to enforce a process means health and safety policies are followed to the letter, and Capital are now able to spot as soon as something doesn’t look right and intervene straight away.

Using the lone working product, it means that Capital can now make sure staff are safe by requiring them to check-in regularly. If any issues arise, alerts are sent to management with the lone workers GPS location, which means they can send someone to site within 2 minutes. 

“The lone working feature is just another example of how MyMobileWorkers keeps our operatives safe. Before using it, it could be difficult to know there was a problem unless we got a call in. Now we can take a more proactive approach in protecting our workforce.”

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