Switching to MyMobileWorkers has allowed Contraflow to enforce safety as well as improve communication between depots.


The background

Contraflow have been supplying road traffic management systems since 1987, with multiple depots across Scotland.

Their commitment to safety compliance, as well as a focus in customer service, has allowed them to steadily grow to over 100 members of staff.

The problem

Before MyMobileWorkers, Contraflow heavily relied on paperwork to manage site packs and information for the operatives. With a large number of operatives and jobs, paperwork would occasionally go missing, operatives would forget to fill it out, or the writing was illegible due to being completed on site in poor weather.

A substantial amount of time was required to piece together an accurate picture of what happened on site, and affected their ability to prove job activity to clients and auditors.

The solution

The main driving force behind looking for a job management solution was the ability to force a process for operatives to follow, due to Contraflow’s continuous commitment to safety.

The system needed to be powerful enough to get the data they need, but also user friendly. After looking at a few systems, Contraflow recognised MyMobileWorkers as the most suitable and flexible solution.



"In using MyMobileWorkers, all managers and planners have knowledge of current and future workload throughout all depots."

"With the operatives being required to follow a process of undertaking point of work risk assessments, we have better control over the health and safety aspects of all jobs, with immediate reporting and visibility should any operative feel that there are hazards present not previously identified."

John MacDonald, Managing Director, Contraflow

The benefits

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Enforced compliance with health and safety laws

Since using MyMobileWorkers, Contraflow can enforce their operatives to complete risk assessments, near miss forms, vehicle checks and job safety checks, as some of this was found lacking when utilising the old paper based documentation.

Once an operative starts a job, they are presented with questions and fields to fill in. If the answer isn’t as expected, it will flag up on their device, preventing operatives from continuing until the issue is fixed.

This means that Contraflow now have the knowledge that all jobs will be completed in the same compliant and high quality manner.

Operatives can now easily report any hazards or near misses from their devices, which is sent immediately back to the office with all the details, meaning it can be dealt with straight away.


Efficient resource planning

Like many highways businesses, Contraflow relied heavily on whiteboards to manage their jobs, staff and vehicles. This meant that they were only able to plan a short amount of time in advance.

Now, their resource planning has been completely transformed. Through MyMobileWorkers, Contraflow can now plan weeks in advance, with full transparency if there have been any changes in schedule.

They can see if there are any clashes, and fix them before the jobs are sent out. It has reduced the amount of time it takes to plan for jobs, and due to it being online, it means that planning jobs are clearly visible across all depots.


Improved customer service

With detailed job information at their fingertips as it happens, Contraflow can now keep customers updated quickly and accurately.

Should a client raise a dispute, all the information they need about that job can be accessed by any member of the office staff straight away, backed up by photos, signatures and GPS stamps.

This has not only been instrumental in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, but it has also increased their customer base. Large contracts have insisted on the ability to login and see the status of jobs with proof of compliance and completion. Without this level of visibility, Contraflow were at risk of losing out on major contracts.


Improved internal communication

The transfer of information between sites and depots has shifted dramatically since Contraflow introduced MyMobileWorkers.

Before, the process was reliant on paperwork, phone calls back and forth, and a large amount of trust. It took a lot of effort to organise job packs, and even more effort when these were returned to the office as they had to be distributed and filed. Now, it’s instant.

Managers know exactly what’s happening at any point in time by simply logging into the portal. They can see operatives' locations, the status of work and even photographs of site. From here, they can step in where required if any safety concerns arise, leading Contraflow to adopt a more proactive approach.Sending messages out to all operatives takes a matter of seconds, and any toolbox talks can be sent straight to the operatives’ devices, where they can then sign to say they have read and understood the message. This was previously done in the office and with the nature of traffic management works throughout the day and night, seeing all operatives for toolbox completion was a time consuming process.

Scott McGeachy, Area Manager said: "The set up from start to finish has been great. The team have spent a lot of time streamlining it to our needs as a traffic management company. The live job updates are great and time saved not needing to wait on paperwork is second to none."

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