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Asset management

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When you’re using paper or manual systems, it can be difficult to know where your valuable assets are.

You’re relying on someone entering it into a spreadsheet, or asking the mobile workers themselves. When this is the case, it’s even harder to know the status of the asset and whether it’s due for a service or repair.

Asset management within MyMobileWorkers allows you to keep track of your assets by automatically recording where, when and by whom your assets have been used using times, dates, geotags and photos of condition.

  • Track and record asset service history
  • Report and record asset damages/faults
  • Instantly access any asset documentation
  • Report on full asset history
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Building a full picture

By using MyMobileWorkers’ asset management system, it enables managers to have a clear picture of what assets are with which customer, which are scheduled for repair or maintenance and which are currently back at the office.

Each asset has a barcode which mobile workers can scan and update the office. Asset statuses can be customisable (i.e. in warehouse, on van, with customer), serial numbers can be added, and custom fields can be added for any extra information such as colour or weight.

As this information is updated, it builds up a history of the asset that managers are able to access for audits or sending to clients.

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Ensuring asset safety

Create custom checklists against your asset, and enforce completion every time a mobile worker visits the site. You can set it so that questions are unable to be skipped, or if any checks fail, it will automatically flag that it’s unsafe to be kept at that location and must be taken for repair. By doing regular maintenance, you can prove its safety to your clients, reducing any false claims.

Any user manuals or documentation for that asset can be stored against it, so your mobile staff have a digital copy to correctly operate the asset.

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"The solution is now being used by 13 operatives and has significantly improved the performance of the team, increasing the appointments made and kept from 60% to an average 94% in a year. This has helped increase our income, improve the quality of our neighbourhoods and increase our customer satisfaction."

Emma Allen, Business Improvement Manager, Housing Solutions

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