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GPS tracking


Monitor the exact location of your workers to increase safety, efficiency and reduce false liability

GPS tracking allows managers to instantly see the location of mobile workers and the status of jobs. Jobs can then be allocated based on the mobile workers current location, improving response times, customer service and efficiency. 

It gives managers the information they need to resolve disputes by entering a date and ‘following’ a workers’ location history. It would also aid in any management concern about a staff members’ performance. Each worker is tracked via their mobile data, meaning no vehicle install is required.

  • Real-time GPS updates on a map
  • Show historical data to reduce false claims
  • Automatically alert customers with geofencing
  • Know exact worker coordinates for greater safety

Improve your customer service

If your customer service relies on ringing the mobile worker for an update, then you’re already providing a less than desired service to your clients. The demand of real-time information is already apparent in the delivery industry, but is becoming increasingly more prominent in other industries too.

With GPS tracking from MyMobileWorkers, you no longer need to guess or rely on your mobile workers to update you. You’re able to login and see where the mobile worker is, and give more accurate updates and ETAs to the client, as well as reducing false customer claims with historical GPS data.



Geofencing within MyMobileWorkers allows you to set up alerts when entering or leaving the work boundary. This makes reporting more clear as you can report on when your mobile workers actually entered the site. 

It also allows you to automatically let customers know when the mobile user has entered the job area for a better service offering to clients.

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"GPS tracking provides our operations teams real time location of our crews which enables them to allocate jobs, especially those that are time sensitive, in an efficient and cost effect way."

Richard Soanes, Managing Director, Herts Traffic Management

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