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Lone working

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When managing a mobile workforce, it’s impossible to keep tabs on everyone throughout the day.

Constant phone calls to the mobile worker can result in employees feeling frustrated and unable to complete their tasks efficiently. 

The lone worker product within MyMobileWorkers allows your mobile workers to check-in at regular intervals and activate panic alarms if they’re in danger, allowing you to respond quickly to any emergency.

  • Panic button to immediately report problems
  • Regular check-in system to ensure worker safety
  • Instant alerts to ensure all parties are notified
  • Reduce the amount of workers require on-site
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Care at scale

As lone working is included in the MyMobileWorkers app, it means that checking in and reporting any dangerous situation is easy, as it’s the same place they go to access their jobs for the day. 

As a manager, you can set a time period in which mobile workers should check-in, for example, every 2 hours. Your mobile workers are automatically notified when a check-in is due. They then press a button when it’s time to check-in, and you know that they’re safe.

If they fail to check-in, an alert will be sent to the people you choose so they can respond to the problem in a timely manner.

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Handle emergency situations

Should there be an issue on site, mobile workers can instantly, and discreetly, activate a panic alarm on their device. This instantly notifies the key contacts at your company of your choosing that you’re in danger. 

The panic alarm automatically sends all the details they need: the key contact details of the user, as well as last known location and last check-in date and time. This means that any issues can be quickly resolved and you can fulfil your businesses duty of care.

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"MyMobileWorkers has allowed us to create a seamless process that provides definitive proof of delivery. The user-friendly functionality of the software resulted in a smooth implementation and has allowed us to see noticeable changes in business growth and turnover."

Munya Chiromo, National Hire Manager, National Road Sweepers

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