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Quoting and invoicing

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A mobile workforce management system should give you a full insight into how your business is performing

From the initial quoting stage of the job, through to the job completion and invoicing for the work.

Incorporate both quoting and invoicing in one system with MyMobileWorkers. Turn quotes into jobs easily, and invoice as soon as work has been completed.

  • Improved cash flow
  • Generate invoices as soon as work has been completed
  • Evaluate how your business is performing
  • See the profit/loss on a project
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Measure profitability easily

Easily compare what you quoted against the actual costs of the job to see your job profitability. This will make your business more responsive in identifying problems, allowing you to re-evaluate areas of the job and make better managerial decisions. 

Assign buy and sell prices to each part used on a job to see a profit bar to compare what you have made on the job against what you have spent, enabling you to take all the necessary steps to becoming a more profitable business.

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Get paid quicker

The sooner an invoice is sent, the sooner it can be paid. With MyMobileWorkers, all job information can be viewed in the office as soon as it’s completed, meaning that invoices can be created within seconds of the job finishing, vastly improving cash flow.

The accounts team have everything they need to invoice right in front of them including labour time with price, the parts/items used on the job and the details of the invoice contact, meaning they no longer have to chase to find information.

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"MyMobileWorkers has allowed us to reduce office staff and provide a transparent service where nothing is hidden from customers, including invoicing, job photos and real time information."

Business Development Manager, MLP Traffic

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