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Nine-in-one ways to improve mobile workforce management

Written by MyMobileWorkers

What MyMobileWorkers does is simple - it’s an effective way to manage teams of remote workers.

But how it does this has evolved a great deal. While the core focus on managing jobs always remains the same, it’s now able to handle so much more.

Today’s MyMobileWorkers features nine different products which combine to create one powerful management solution. So we wanted a better way to communicate this.

The result is the launch of the ‘nine-in-one’ message that covers each of the management tools that are now a part of MyMobileWorkers.

Graham Whistance, MyMobileWorkers CEO said:

“Today’s MyMobileWorkers is very different from when we started. Investing heavily in the product and working closely with our customers, has allowed us to hone performance and add functionality.

“The ‘nine-in-one’ message reflects these changes and helps to better communicate the range of ways MyMobileWorkers helps to better handle the challenges of managing a mobile workforce.”


What are the nine-in-one products?

The core feature of MyMobileWorkers is still mobile workforce management: allowing the real-time management and monitoring of remote workers but this is just one of a whole suite of tools. Here’s an overview of the nine tools:

GPS Tracking Time Management Lone Workers
Asset Management Vehicle Management Quoting and Invoicing
Forms Resource Manager Quality Assurance



GPS Tracking 

Monitor the exact location of your workers to increase safety, efficiency and reduce false liability.


  • Real-time GPS updates on a map
  • Show historical data to reduce false claims
  • Automatically alert customers with geo-fencing
  • Know exact worker co-ordinates for greater safety

See how GPS Tracking works.


Untitled_design__58_-removebg-previewTime Management

Generate automated and accurate timesheet reports, based on your business requirements.


  • Custom timesheets and reports
  • Quickly and easily access important information
  • Help with accurate payments
  • Gain access to important data to fuel business growth

Read more about Time Management here.


CRMLone Workers

Protect your most vulnerable workers by getting instantly alerted if any of your mobile workers are in danger.


  • Panic button to immediately report problems
  • Regular check-in system to ensure worker safety
  • Instant alerts to ensure all parties are notified
  • Reduce the number of workers required on-site

See how Lone Workers works.


AssetsAsset Management

Easily manage assets of any type and access to full service/visit history instantly.


  • Track and record asset service history
  • Report and record asset damages/faults
  • Instantly access any asset documentation
  • Report on full asset history

Read more about Asset Management here.


Vehicle-management__1_-removebg-previewVehicle Management

Easily manage your vehicles and enforce workers to complete vehicle inspections before they access their daily jobs.


  • Enforce vehicle checks
  • Auto alerts on damage and tax expiry
  • Report on vehicle damages
  • Ensure worker safety

Read more about Vehicle Management here.


InvoiceQuoting and Invoicing

Generate quotes on job creation in MyMobileWorkers and send invoices out as soon as the work is completed.


  • Improved cash flow
  • Generate invoices as soon as work has been completed
  • Evaluate how your business is performing
  • See the profit/ loss on a project

Read more about Quoting and Invoicing here.



Remove additional paper processes easily by sending 'forms' to your workers digitally and enforce their completion. Ensure everything is stored in one system.


  • Send and receive forms digitally
  • Have digital storage of completed forms
  • Ensure everything is in one system
  • Communicate more efficiently to remote workers

See how Forms work.


CalendarResource Manager

Maximise efficiencies by using the resource planner to see all of your available resources at a glance.


  • Plan and organise jobs efficiently
  • Incorporate worker qualifications
  • Have records of absences
  • Ensure you have the correct equipment/vehicles available

See how the Resource Manager works.


Customer-PortalQuality Assurance

Score jobs based on how well they were carried out, and generate reports based on performance.


  • Complete audits to ensure quality data
  • Report on your job performance
  • Score qualitative data
  • Monitor and report on individual workers performance

See how you can assess quality with the Quality Assurance feature.


What are the benefits for existing users?

For existing users, it’s a way to ensure that they’re getting the best out of MyMobileWorkers. As new products have been added over time, many may not realise the various ways MyMobileWorkers can now handle the challenges of mobile workforce management.

It’s also a way to further customise and streamline the experience, allowing a business to use the tools they require and to hide any elements that are not required.


What are the benefits for prospective users?

The ‘nine-in-one’ approach makes it so much simpler for customers to understand exactly what MyMobileWorkers has to offer. It gives a clear overview of each product within the system, providing all the info required to make an informed decision.

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