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TMO Highways

Traffic management specialists, TMO Highways, have reduced paperwork by 90%, saving approximately 600 sheets per week.


Reduction in paperwork


Pieces of paper have been removed weekly

1.5 days

A week reduction in administration time

36 hour

Saving in job sheet retrieval 

The Background

Created in April 2014 by Ian Gray, Jon Gray, Mark Haysman, Kirsty Oliver and David Oliver, TMO provide traffic management services to both small companies through to major utilities companies along with Highways England and their contractors.

Based in Diss, Norfolk, TMO’s 60 user operation covers all of East Anglia, including: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, London and projects further afield.

The traffic management services on offer consists of: Site meetings, digital surveys, planning and liaising with local authorities and customers, CAD designs through to the installation, hire and removal of traffic management both 12D and 12A/B.

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The Problem

TMO used paperwork to record job information, which hindered business operations and performance. Operatives would have to complete at least 3 pieces of paper per job, completing between 150-200 jobs per week. Vehicle check-sheets would be completed alongside job sheets, and all would be emailed to head office where the administration team would check and file all documentation.

With a growing workload, admin staff were under increased pressure sorting, checking and filing the incoming job sheets.

TMO’s aims were to streamline and improve the quality of the documents the customer would receive, should they request copies, and to be able to grow the business without the need for increasing unnecessary overheads.


The Solution

After searching the market for a solution to control their paper problem, TMO selected MyMobileWorkers primarily due to its ease of use and its ability to be fully customised. It also came highly recommended by other companies within the highways industry.

Since the adoption of MyMobileWorkers TMO have now reduced paperwork by 90%.

“For what's included, MyMobileWorkers is a very reasonably priced package. With MyMobileWorkers there’s always new developments and integration possibilities that we are open to.”

Since we’ve been with MyMobileWorkers the entire process and service has been second to none. The set up process was amazing! The team couldn’t be more helpful in helping us understand the system and teaching us, then building our workflows.

Ian Gray, Operations and Business Director, TMO Highways

The Benefits

Reduced paperwork

Admin time reduction

Within the first month of using MyMobileWorkers, the administration team vastly improved their process which led to a 1.5 day reduction in time wastage. They no longer have to chase operatives on a daily basis to locate paperwork. This is all completed on site and uploaded to the office in real-time.

Enforced digital job sheets mean that operatives can’t skip any of the process, and ensures office staff receive all of the required information as it happens.Read More Customers who want supporting evidence of job completion can access their job information more efficiently and invoices can be created straight away. Read Less


Preventing fines

MyMobileWorkers allows TMO to capture the data they require and from this comes the instant creation of reports. - “Since the full integration of MyMobileWorkers and the report we’ve not had any fines and are able to track our equipment better.”

While instant reporting saves a large proportion of administration time, it also helps with the prevention of any missing kit that may have not been returned.

This is now fully automated as MyMobileWorkers generates a daily missing kit report by matching the collection against the delivery note. TMO can then verify with the operative as to whether it was a mistake or if the item is genuinely missing on site. If missing the site can be double checked before leaving. If the piece of kit is found it saves Section 74 fines which can be anything from £100 - £10,000+.Read More Before using MyMobileWorkers the admin team would have to cross reference the quantities on delivery paperwork to collection paperwork and ensure all kit was accounted for. Not everything could always be accurately checked and mistakes occurred.

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Business growth

Due to the removal of section 74 fines and reducing the amount of office-based staff, TMO’s overheads remain low, which in turn has resulted in the company becoming more profitable and allowing them to invest and grow the company further.

With a particular focus on their High Speed division, last year this area of the business accounted for 17% of business turnover, and with large time savings, it’s an area they can continue to develop further now they have the right tools in place for sustainable growth.Read More
With the app being easy to use and more efficient than paper, it has created a labour-saving process for workers. This can lead to more work being completed to a higher standard. Only 80% of the jobs were completed in full on paper compared to 100% using MyMobileWorkers.

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Improved reporting

Customer confidence

TMO have now streamlined their internal communication channels as real-time data can get back to HQ in seconds of it being recorded, creating a 36 hour saving in job sheet retrieval. This data can be analysed and used to improve business performance.

It’s not only internal communication channels that this benefits, but the way TMO connects to their customers. Read More Enabling customers to have their own portals allows them to see all of their job information in one place without the need to call and/or email. It is also a strong selling point to offer - increasing customer confidence.

All customer information is readily available as soon as it has been recorded onsite. Customers are better informed, leading to greater satisfaction and a source of competitive advantage.

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